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Ito Uroko Brand Overview and History

Brand overview

● Established in 1910, a well-established boots brand with a history of over 110 years. The inverted triangle scale pattern is a landmark.

● Professional grade boots forged in the fish market for many years.

●Original product. Because it is designed for professionals, it emphasizes durability, sufficient strength, softness, and ease of wear are the major features of these boots. A lot of purchases by general visitors seeking quality are also attracting attention.

●Handbar manufacturing method by craftsmen using natural rubber (Rubber is attached by hand)

●In 2017, “Uroko jirushi shirozoko tsuki dainaga (Shiro uroko)” won the Good Design Long Life Design Award for rubber boots made from natural rubber sap. 2022 Koto brand certified company.



● Founded at the end of the Edo period - The first generation Masaji Ito established the business as a geta dealer in Nihonbashi Uogashi.


●1910 (Meiji 43) - The second generation, Chiyoji Ito,  established "Ito Rubber."

●1935 (Showa 10) - Relocated to Tsukiji following the move of Nihonbashi Uogashi to Tsukiji. 

●1958 (Showa 33) - Changed the company name to the current "Ito Uroko."

●Passed on to the third generation, Kotaro Ito, and then to the fourth generation, Hiroko Ito, continuing to evolve.

●2017 (Heisei 28) - Received the Good Design Long Life Design Award.

●2018 (Heisei 29) - In October, relocated from Tsukiji to Toyosu following another move of the fish market.
Moved to the Toyosu Market Fisheries Intermediate Wholesale Market Building, 4th floor area accessible to general visitors.

●2022 (Reiwa 4) - Recognized as a Koto Brand Certified Company by the Koto Ward of Tokyo.

●Nurtured through generations in the markets of Nihonbashi, Tsukiji, and Toyosu, the love for boots is passed on to the fifth generation, Kanako Ito. Continuing to evolve through unique improvements in oil resistance, cold protection, and more.

●As tourist souvenirs, we are offering original design T-shirts, Japanese hand towels, and local character collaboration items, all leveraging the unique "attention to detail" characteristic of the market.

Uroko Original Limited Souvenir

"Ito Uroko," a venerable Japanese boot brand with over 100 years of history since its founding. To meet the needs of foreign tourists visiting Japan's largest Toyosu Market, we also offer a wide range of Uroko original limited-edition souvenirs that are gaining popularity. When you visit Toyosu Market, please consider purchasing Ito Uroko's original souvenirs.

Top 3 Popular Souvenir Rankings (Excluding boots)

1st Place!
Toyosu T-shirt "Marutoyo" [Popular Item]


The highly popular Toyosu Market T-shirt. The classic navy color comes in a subdued navy-black hue. Featured in numerous TV shows and magazines, the shirt has a large design on the back, and the front features the same pattern but in a slightly smaller print.
2nd Place!
Four Seasons Fish (Hand Towel)[Original][Fabric Product]
Fish of the Four Seasons (New Pattern)




Spring features sawara (Spanish mackerel), summer features haze, autumn features kajika, and winter features konoshiro. This is a popular pattern. It mainly features fish that are in season in Tokyo. The design also includes fish silhouettes. The lower left corner has the words "Toyosu Market" along with scale-like characters. New pattern.


3rd Place!
Kotomi-chan Lunch Bag (Black)[Fabric Product][Original]
Mini Bag "Kotomi-chan Lunch Bag" Pattern




Kotomi-chan swimming with tuna in a Toyosu Market pattern. The illustration of them swimming together is adorable and a topic of discussion online. The classic color is black. Suitable for carrying a wallet, mobile phone, and notepad. Single-sided print, full color. *Note: Kotomi-chan is the "Koto Ward Tourism Character." This is a Uroko collaboration product.


New items coming soon

coming soon!


Store Information Inside Toyosu Market

4th Floor, Fisheries Intermediate Wholesale Market Building, Toyosu Market, 6-5-1 Toyosu, Koto Ward, Tokyo ※Around the escalators
Business Hours: Market is open until around 2 p.m. (varies by day)

▼Fisheries Intermediate Wholesale Market Building


▼4th Floor Floor Map of Fisheries Intermediate Wholesale Market Building


※Partially reprinted from the "Welcome to Toyosu Market!"English version pamphlet (Toyosu Market Commercial Cooperative Association).

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